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  • Jason Too Yip Jee

    Jason Too Yip Jee

  • plotly


    The leading front-end for ML & data science models in Python.

  • Ryan-Rhys Griffiths

    Ryan-Rhys Griffiths

    PhD Researcher in Machine Learning and Physics at the University of Cambridge. Interested in Molecular Machine Learning, BayesOpt, Astrophysics and many more!

  • John Gapper

    John Gapper

    Financial Times columnist. Author of The Ghost Shift, a thriller about technology and corruption in the new China. Published Jan 20, 2015 by Random House US

  • Tom Foremski

    Tom Foremski

    Former Financial Times journalist reporting on Silicon Valley at the collision of media and technology. SiliconValleyWatcher.com

  • The Financial Times

    The Financial Times

  • ABC News

    ABC News

    Long reads, analysis and behind-the-scenes stories from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and selected contributors.

  • Rosamund Pearce

    Rosamund Pearce

    Visual Data Journalist at The Economist

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